Home and Office Automation Services Islamabad

Smart Home provides one of the best homes and office automation services in Islamabad. Our team comprised of professional engineers who are highly capable to automate your offices and homes. Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction with our services. We, at Smart Home, are committed to create for you a dream Home and Office automation services Islamabad in any sector of Islamabad. The experts in our company provide our clients comprehensive details about our automation services and give them useful advices by keeping in view the structure of their houses or offices and its surrounding. The automated services are designed by keeping in mind your ease as well as your privacy.

Our automation services enable our clients to control all the sub-systems by using a user-friendly solitary interface. Smart Home is the best place for you to simplify the control of your home or office and get your space automated efficiently. With the instalment of an automated system from Smart Home, you will be able to regulate your home or office from your own mobile device or through any other software device. It will help you to keep a check on your lights, windows, and doors by ensuring that they are shut down by using a touch screen panel or a smart phone. If you ever forget to check that your lights were off or your doors or windows were closed while you were leaving the house, it will not be a havoc for you. With an automated system, you can control your system from anywhere in the world. There is a wide variety of options available for our clients including the modern wireless system that is highly efficient and cost friendly as well. Smart Home provide following Home and Office automation services Islamabad automation services in any sector of Islamabad:

  • Smart Lightening Solution: With the installation of automated light system, your house or office will become more secure, handy and energy efficient.
  • Smart Shading System: The system will protect the flooring and furniture of your house from being exposed to harmful UV radiations that will destroy your space, neutralized the temperature, and enhance your privacy through automated curtains, blinds, and shades.
  • Smart Security and Access Control: The automation service of Smart Home will enable you to maintain the security of your Home and Office automation services Islamabad even from a long distance. You can control the opening and closure of your doors and windows through your own smart phone or smart device.

Professional Smart Automation Solutions Provider in Islamabad

At Smart Home Pakistan, we provide complete Smart Home automation services for homes, villas, apartments, offices, and hotels.  Our services are appropriate to seamlessly integrate technology into your home or office.

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Smarten Up Your Home or Office in Islamabad with Smart Home Pakistan

We are offering Smart Home automation services in Islamabad. We offer the up-to-date home technological advancements that will help you create the home of your dreams in any sector of Islamabad. With our smart home automation, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of technology while maintaining your security.

Our automation system allows all the sub-systems in your home or office to be controlled from a single, user friendly interface.  With advanced wireless technologies most automation can now be done without running a single wire. The days of overly priced, overly complicated automation systems are over. Talk to your Smart Home Pakistan control system designer and start simplifying your home today.

  • Control your entire home from your mobile device / any smart device
  • Confirm that all lights are off, windows are closed, and doors are locked from your bedside touch-screen panel or connected Smart Phone
  • Remotely access your system from anywhere in the world
  • Adjust multiple HVAC zones anytime, anywhere
  • Many wireless installation options available which will not only save costs but more efficient.

Our Services Includes

Smart Lighting Solutions

Luxury, safety, grace, handiness, and energy savings are just a few of the reasons that homeowners are embracing lighting control.

Our Team at Smart Home Pakistan can design a system as per your budget and requirements to replace the current traditional light switches with Smart keypads, touch screens and remote controls that enables you to program on-off timing, activate lighting with motion sensors, set dimming requirements, monitor your energy conservation and more. You will even be able to create lighting ambiance for specific moods such as entertaining, relaxing, reading or romance. Select the scene with the single touch of a button to create the ambiance you desire.

  • Replace traditional light switches with elegant touch screens, keypads, and wireless remote controls
  • Program on-off timing based on your at-home schedule
  • Activate lighting with motion sensors to increase the security of your home
  • Set dimming requirements for certain lights to save energy
  • Create single-touch lighting scenes for specific moods such as entertaining, relaxing, reading or romance

Adjust lighting remotely from your mobile devices

lighting Solution
Shadding System

Smart Shading Systems

Protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays, save on heating and cooling, and increase privacy with motorized shades, curtains, and blinds.

At Smart Home Pakistan, we install programmable shades that extend or retract by time of day, sun sensors, or on demand through remote control or touch screen panels. Contact us to discuss the design options that fit into your decor and your lifestyle.

  • Protect your furniture and floors from excessive UV rays
  • Save on heating and cooling costs
  • Increase privacy and safety
  • Optimize views
  • Improve efficiency of your home
  • Modern Designs

Smart Home Security and Access Control

Grant access to gates and doors from anywhere in your home, or anywhere using your smart devices

Access control technology ensures the security of your home while providing easy access for approved visitors. You can be notified with a text when your doorbell or gate rings, and choose to who can come in.

Protect what you love, even when you are not there. Install a surveillance system with Smart Home Pakistan Services and you can monitor your home without paying recurring charges to a security company.

Place cameras in and around your property for total peace of mind. Catch porch pirates in the act, look in on your pet while you are out, and check to see when your kids get home from school. The major advantages of using our system are as below.

  • Seeyour babysitter caring for your child
  • Know who is at the door before you open it
  • Watch the contractor as he works only in the room you have requested
  • Confirm that an elderly relative is safe in their home.
  • Prevent trespassing and theft
  • Save on recurring security monthly bills.
Smart Shading Systems